While Poni Brendan approaches the guitar with a commanding attitude, her femininity comes through in the raw truth, and "upfrontness" of her lyrics. From her personal love songs, to her thoughts of the world and its political turmoil, her style eludes an easy description. "Brendan has the ability to weave in and out of different styles not binding her to any one particular genre". "Poni Brendan's song writing talents can bring the listener to the place where the song was written, to a moment of time that is captured vividly in both melody and music".

"Rarely do we find a female artist with both voice, and rhythm, who is also as prolific a songwriter."

Poni Brendan.... channeling music from the early age of ten. Studying art at The State University of New Paltz , New Yorker gone West, and then even more West. Lived on the land in Okanogan Washington, toured the Seattle/Oregon scene for years.  Lead singer in Mixed Nuts, Alive Tribe, Playfull Spirit, Mystic Sista, and various other bands over the years. Performing live mostly in the North West until moving to Maui in the mid nineties causing world travel to include travel with a surf board under her arm as well as guitar on her back.

Poni has been pumping out a new record every eight to ten years since 1990 to accumulate three totally different and evolving collections.  First album "Tomorrows Journey" recorded with Michael Cooper studios in Eugene Oregon, featuring studio musicians from the North West area with a folk rock sound. Most songs based on living free from the pressures of society in the mountains, and learning and living love.   Second release in 1998 entitled "Music is the Key", recorded in Maui with Donny Regalmoto at Tantra Studios, is a well mixed, well thought out, up beat live band sound with accents on the twelve multi talented solo artists woven in and out of each track to create a collection well worth listening to with good head phones to pick up each and every detail of these great tunes.  

The most recent release in 2007 "Smile in my Pocket" ranges from hip hoppy tunes to dance numbers, to heart felt ballads. This is Poni's attempt to make use of the contemporary digital equipment available, as well as keeping in touch with the driving rhythm of Poni's guitar playing, and song writing to make a pop dance sound that is similar to madonna, or Edie Brickell. This latest album was recorded in Maui and mixed in California by Jon jon at little buddah studios.  It's powerful pop rock sound will hold its integrity on any large club system or big screen theater system. The politically oriented numbers on this release show Poni's passion for the healing of the planet, and stress how this healing starts at home and in the heart.

Sure thing is, Poni is far from finished with her recording career, or with her touring, with over 75 original songs under her belt. Brendan is now gearing toward a more raw acoustic live sound and taking a break from studio life to go out and mingle with live performance. Gigging at small venues with her ensemble Trouble Makers, Poni is now touching audiences with her personable smile, "modern" vocal skills, and ever more powerful rhythmic sense. Her collection of original songs and off beat "who would have thought of that cover" songs from the collections of third Eye Blind,   Justin Timberlake, Avril Lavine, and 3 doors down, hold the attention of audiences over and over again. An "experiential  jam session" is one way of describing the mood of a show with The Trouble Makers, as Lokahi Sylva rocks on both acoustic and seven string bass and special guests grace the stages.  

"Trouble makers" are storming Maui with a freight train of original sound. A unique blend of strings, with Lokahi Sylva on seven string, and acoustic bass, and Poni Brendan on guitar. Trouble Makers feature Poni's "modern" vocal style and "clear and detailed rhythmic chops" and Lokahi's ability to completely rock the house. Sure to be "trouble" from the gate to the finish, leaving musical dust in their wake......